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What is Jennifer Lopez’s Net Worth?

  • Net Worth: $400 Million
  • Date of Birth: July 24, 1969
  • Gender: Female
  • Income Source: Professional Singing, Acting, Dancing, Producing
  • Nationality: American


Jennifer Lopez or commonly known as J.Lo is an American singer, actress, dancer, and producer. J.Lo is known for her roles in the film Selena, Anaconda, The Wedding Planner, and Out of Sight. She is also famous for her chart-topping songs On the Floor, Jenny from the Block, Let’s Get Loud, and Waiting for Tonight. J.Lo has children Max, Emme, Chris Judd, and Ojani Noa with her ex-husband Marc Anthony. She is currently engaged to Alex Rodriguez.

Early Life

Jennifer Lynn Lopez was born in The Bronx, New York City on July 24, 1969 to Puerto Rican parents Guadalupe Rodriguez and David Lopez. J.Lo has two siblings Leslie and Lynda. Her family used to live in a small house in Castle Hill, but eventually transferred to a two-storey house after her parents saved up. J.Lo took singing and dancing lessons when she was five. Her parents supported music and dancing, so encouraged their children to perform in front of each other and in front of their friends. J.Lo studied in Preston High School where she also did gymnastics, ran track on a national level, and played softball.


J.Lo auditioned and was casted for the low-budget film My Little Girl and realized after that she wanted to become a movie star. She dropped out of College after one semester and moved to Manhattan where she performed in the musicals Jesus Christ and Oklahoma. She was then hired by Golden Musicals of Broadway and toured Europe for five months. She later became part of the show Synchronicity in Japan. In 1991, J.Lo was hired as a back-up dancer for New Kids on the Block. She was eventually cast as a fly girl dancer in the TV program entitled In Living Color and worked there until 1993.

J.Lo’s first acting break was in the drama film Lost in the Wild in 1993. Shortly after, she signed a deal with CBS and was casted in the TV series Second Chances. She was then casted in her big screen role in the 1995 film My Family. This was followed by her starring role in Money Train and a supporting role in the comedy Jack. J.Lo’s breakthrough moment came with the movie Selena in 1997. This was followed by the movie Anaconda, the crime film U Turn, Out of Sight, and Antz.

In May 1999, J.Lo released her debut single If You Had My Love. It was crucial time for her to establish her musical talent that would even make or break her career, and thus with the release of Waiting for Tonight, J.Lo has proven herself as a highly talented artist. From being a talented actress to a pop star princess, J.Lo was at the height of her fame. In 2000, J.Lo returned to acting with the psychological thriller The Cell. Her second album J.Lo  was released on 2001, topping the Billboard 200.  At the same week as the album release, the movie and box-office hit The Wedding Planner also came out. In 2001, J.Lo also launched her own clothing and accessory company which specialized in women of all shapes and sizes. She also released a fragrance line named Glow which became a top-selling perfume in the US.

J.Lo’s third album, This Is Me… Then was released in 2002. This was followed by her starring role in Maid in Manhattan, the highest grossing film of her career. She also starred in the film Gigli alongside Ben Affleck which was a flop and was the lowest point of J.Lo’s career. She recovered and launched her second fragrance product Still Jennifer Lopez and her second fashion label Sweetface. These business ventures generated $300 million. J.Lo bounced back to film-making with her movie Shall We Dance? which was a box office hit.

In 2005, J.Lo released her fourth album, Rebirth followed by Como Ama una Mujer and Brave in 2007, Love? in 2011, and A.K.A. in 2014. She further tarred on many other films such as El Cantante, The Back-up Plan, The Boy Next Door, and has voiced in Ice Age: Continental Drift and Collision Course. J.Lo also was part of the judges in Americal Idol and continues to do concerts and world tours.


Career Highlights

Jennifer Lopez has received a total of 185 awards and 512 nominations. She has 7 ALMA awards, 3 American Music Awards, a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, 1 Imagen Award, 5 Latin Music Italian Awards, 3 People’s Choice Awards, 14 Premios Juventud, among others. She also holds the Guinness World Record for Highest Viewed Female Music Video of All Time for On the Floor and First Number One Remix Album on the Billboard 200 for J to tha L-O! The Remixes.

Jennifer Lopez Quotes

“Sometimes you have to explore the darkness to get to the light and get back to who you are.” – Jennifer Lopez

“It’s the messy parts that make us human, so we should embrace them too — pat ourselves on the back for getting through them rather than being angry for having gotten into them in the first place.” – Jennifer Lopez

“Being an artist doesn’t start because you’re 21, and it doesn’t end because you’re 51. You are who you are until the day you die.” – Jennifer Lopez

“As you get older and as you experience and go through different things you realize you have to set boundaries. You have to for your life. You have to say this is OK and this is not OK. This is what I do for a living and this is my life. It’s the only one I get and so I have to set boundaries.” – Jennifer Lopez


“You get what you give. What you put into things is what you get out of them.” – Jennifer Lopez

“A romantic comedy has to be funny and make you think about life, but the obstacle that has to be overcome is key.” – Jennifer Lopez

“Confidence – It all has to do with how you feel about yourself – it’s about projecting the attitude, I’m happy with who I am.” – Jennifer Lopez

“The best partner you can have is someone who makes you want to be the best form of yourself.” – Jennifer Lopez

Life Lessons

Jennifer Lopez gives value to being true to herself and to others as well. She mentioned that the most important time to tell the truth is when you feel uncomfortable telling it. Moreover, she highlights the need for good intentions when making decisions. Also, we should not allow our mistakes to define us, but what we do after committing the mistakes and what lessons we got from the event.

Current Lifestyle

Jennifer Lopez owns a number of luxury houses but she currently resides with fiancée Alex Rodriguez in her $28 million Bel Air Mansion. The property is a 14,000 square foot house with 7 bedrooms, 13 bathrooms, and features amenities such as Hawaiian themed oasis, an amphitheatre, and an infinity pool. J.Lo doesn’t drive much but has a $146,000 2019 red 911 Carrera GTS Porsche which was gifted by her fiancée.


 Jennifer Lopez also known by her nickname J.Lo, is an actress, singer and businesswoman. She has appeared in many successful movies and produced lots of award winning chart topping hits.


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Tori Spelling Net Worth



tori spelling net worth

Tori Spelling Net Worth

Net Worth: $500 thousand

Date of Birth: May 16, 1973

Gender: Female

Income Source: Professional Actress

Nationality: American


Tori Spelling is an American actress and TV personality. She is also a socialite and mostly known for her role in Beverly Hills 90210 in 1990. Her current net worth is $500 thousand. Tori was married to Sharlie Shanian from 2004 to 2006. She remarried to Dean McDermott in 2006. Tori has five children, Stella Doreen, Hattie Margaret, Liam Aaron, Finn Davey, and Beau Dean.

Early Life

Victoria Davey Spelling was born on the 16th of May 1973 in Los Angeles, California to Candy and Aaron Spelling. Tori’s father was a TV and film producer and famous for producing movies such as Charlie’s Angels, Dynasty, and Fantasy Island. She started acting when she was six, when her father hired an acting coach. She also has one sibling named Randy. Tori went to Beverly Hills High School. He later on enrolled in Harvard-Westlake School and graduated in 2001. 


Tori Spelling started in the industry with minor roles in TV series The Love Boat, T.J. Hooker, Hotel, Fantasy Island, Vega$, and Saved by the Bell. When she was 17, she was casted in the series Beverly Hills, 90210 and played the role Donna Martin. She then appeared on a number of made-for-TV films including A Friend to Die For in 1994, A Carol Christmas in 2003, The Mistle-Tones in 2012, Mother, May I Sleep with Danger in 1996 and 2016, and The Last Sharknado: It’s About Time in 2018. She also did independent films including The House of Yes in 1997, Trick in 1999, Scary Movie 2 in 2001, Cthulhu in 2007, Kiss the Bride in 2007, and Izzie’s Way Home in 2016. Tori is also an author and released her autobiography Stori Telling.

Career Highlights

Tori Spelling received a few recognitions including a Satellite Award nomination in the category Best Performance by an Actress in a Supporting Role, Comedy or Musical for Trick in 2000. She won a Best Young Actress Guest Starring in a Television Series for Saved by the Bell in 1991. She also received other nominations from the Young Artist Awards including a Best Young Actress Guest Starring or Recurring Role in a TV Series for Saved by the Bell in 1992, Best Young Actress Co-starring in a Television Series for Beverly Hills, 90210 in 1992, Best Young Actress Supporting or Re-Occurring Role for a TV Series for Beverly Hills, 90210 in 1991, and a Best Young Actress – Guest Starring in a Television Drama for Hotel in 1983. Tori’s autobiography debuted at the top spot of the New York Times Best Seller list and was regarded as the best celebrity autobiography in 2009.

Tori Spelling Quotes

I love my mom. My mom loves me. We don’t have an easy relationship. I don’t think we ever will, but I’d rather have a complicated, misunderstood relationship than have no relationship at all.Tori Spelling


You know, you only get one family, and you have to make it work.Tori Spelling


Everybody knows there is no such thing as normal. There is no black-and-white definition of normal. Normal is subjective. There’s only a messy, inconsistent, silly, hopeful version of how we feel most at home in our lives.Tori Spelling


With friends, if you keep making an effort to reach out and you keep getting hurt, you eventually stop trying. But it’s much harder to give up on family. Somewhere deep down you want it to work so badly that you keep making the same mistake over and over again.Tori Spelling


We chose to do a reality show with my husband Dean McDermott, because we wanted to give the reality of our situation, not to kind of mask it if the things got kind of uncomfortable. So we pretty much put it all out there and I think the viewers will appreciate that.Tori Spelling


That I want to try in life? There’s a lot of things I want to try. There’s never enough time to try anything. I would love to have a hobby. I have no hobbies.Tori Spelling


People are always saying that Hollywood messes up kids. I’m like, ‘No, families mess up kids!’ I grew up in Hollywood, and I’m perfectly fine. If my children want to go into the entertainment business, I won’t stop them, as long as they’re passionate about it.Tori Spelling


My kids will grow up in a house knowing that it’s perfectly normal for two men to be in love, it’s perfectly normal for two women to be in love. My kids will grow up knowing it’s all about love. It doesn’t matter who you’re with and everyone should have that experience.Tori Spelling


I look at Liv Tyler and think ‘It’s not fair’, because I can’t find a flaw on her. And on top of that she seems nice, so it’s really not fair.Tori Spelling


I have a really, really strong work ethic and I learned that from my dad because my dad was a workaholic but he always had even more time for us. As hard as he would work, he always made the time. So it’s just about balancing family, I think, and work – and giving everything 100%. And that’s what he taught me.Tori Spelling


Tori Spelling Life Lessons

Tori Spelling has had some tough times with cyberbullies who pick on her and her kids on social media. At one Instagram post, Tori showed a photo of her five kids on their back-to-school day. The photos received some nasty comments attacking Tori saying that she did not prepare her children appropriately in terms of appearance (clothes, haircut, etc.). Tori grew up under the public eye and knew full well how it is to be bullied. He mentioned how awful it felt for her. He responded to the cyberbullies saying that the only thing shameful is their attitude. With these examples, along with her experiences, Tori Spelling has learned how to handle bullies and is imparting this very knowledge to her children. Her kids seem to be more mature and prepared saying that bullying is awful and “that person must not feel great about themselves if they have to say about somebody they don’t even know”.

Current Lifestyle

Tori and husband Dean have moved their family to the posh Hidden Hills subdivision where they are now renting for $13,000 per month for an 18-month contract. The family has moved nine times already in 8 years. The 1950’s home is 3,500 square feet, sitting in an acre of land, with an open floor plan, a large family room equipped with a fireplace, a swimming pool, and spa. The house has five bedrooms, a large family room complete with a fireplace, and a kitchen with granite counters and stainless-steel appliances. The master suite has a walk-in closet, a sitting area, and French doors leading to the backyard. The outdoor has a barbecue area in addition to the fireplace, pool, and spa.


Tori Spelling is an American actress who starred in a number of films and TV series. She was mostly known for her portrayal of Donna Martin in Beverly Hills, 90210. Tori is now married and has five children and currently has a net worth of $500,000.

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Victoria Beckham Net Worth



victoria net worth

Victoria Beckham Net Worth

Net Worth: $450 Million

Date of Birth: April 17, 1974

Gender: Female

Income Source: Professional Singer, Entrepreneur

Nationality: English

About Victoria Beckham

Victoria Adams-Beckham is an English business woman and fashion designer. Victoria is also a former singer and was part of the 1990s most famous girl group Spice Girls. She was also known as Posh Spice. Her current net worth is $450 million. Victoria has been married to world famous professional football player David Beckham. The couple has four children named Brooklyn, Harper Seven, Romeo James, and Cruz.

Early Life

Victoria Caroline Adams was born on the 17th of April 1974 at the Princess Alexandra Hospital in Harlow, Essex, England to parents Jacqueline Doreen and Anthony William Adams. She grew up in Goffs Oak, Hertfordshire with two younger siblings, Louise and Christian. Her mother was a former insurance clerk and hairdresser, and her father was an electronics engineer. Her parents have an electronics wholesale business. Victoria grew up in a comfortable upbringing. 

Victoria wanted to pursue a musical career ever since she was young. Her parents supported this and enrolled her at the Jason Theatre School. She later on entered the Laine Theatre Arts in Epsom, Surrey where she learned more about dance and modelling. Victoria also went to St. Mary’s High School where she experienced being bullied because of her social status. She once begged her father to not drop her at school using their Rolls Royce.


Victoria Beckham started as a member of the famous pop group Spice Girls. She was then known as Posh Spice. After the disbandment of the group, Victoria was signed as a solo artist with the Virgin Records and Telstar Records. She then ventured into the fashion industry and has been recognized as one of the style icons of the decade. She collaborated with high-profile brands and launched her own label in 2008. The Victoria Beckham label was among the most successful in Hollywood. Victoria also did a number of acting projects including Victoria’s Secrets, Being Victoria Beckham, The Real Beckhams, Victoria Beckham – A Mile in Their Shoes, and Victoria Beckham: Coming to America.

Career Highlights

Victoria Beckham has won a number of awards including a Glamour Award for Woman of the Year in 2007, a Glamour Award for Entrepreneur also in 2007, Glamour Award for Accessories Designer in 2011, Bambi Fashion Awards in 2013, Glamour Award for the Fashion Force in 2015, and People’s Choice Award for Fashion Icon in 2018.

Victoria Beckham Quotes

“There need to be more women supporting women. Not just in fashion, in general.” — Victoria Beckham

“If you haven’t got it. Fake it! Too short? Wear big high heels, but do practice walking!” — Victoria Beckham

“I want my kids to have a good work ethic. I believe you can achieve anything if you work hard enough to get it.” — Victoria Beckham

“I do go to football sometimes but I don’t know the offside rule or free-kicks – or side kicks – or whatever they’re called.” — Victoria Beckham

“I actually used to smile a lot in pictures. I think I only stopped smiling when I got into fashion. Fashion stole my smile!” — Victoria Beckham

“I like a man who can be a real friend, has a good sense of humor, a good pair of shoes and a healthy gold card.” — Victoria Beckham

“When you’re in a position to be paparazzi-ed just walking down the street, you’d look a little daft if you were smiling all the time.” — Victoria Beckham

“When I started out in fashion, everything had to be very structured and tight and controlling, and now I’m getting to a point where I think – I could wear a great big parka, that could be quite fabulous. I haven’t always got to show off my size, show off my shape. It’s a turning point for me.” — Victoria Beckham

“I was very obsessed. I mean, I could tell you the fat content and the calorie content in absolutely anything.” — Victoria Beckham

“It is dog friendly nail polish, before we even go there because I know that is an issue. She’s a bulldog, she needs all the help she can get. We’ve tried to feminize her a little bit and make her feel sexy!” — Victoria Beckham

“I can’t concentrate in flats. I could go to the gym if I wore flats, I’d love to go to the gym, but I just can’t get my head around the footwear.” — Victoria Beckham

“I wake up every morning and I feel like I’m juggling glass balls. I live in Los Angeles, my business is run out of London, and most evenings I’m cuddled up in front of Skype, in my dressing gown, speaking with my studio in London. I travel a lot, my team travel a lot, but I wouldn’t have it any other way.” — Victoria Beckham

Victoria Beckham Life Lessons

As a world-famous singer turned fashion designer, Victoria Beckham has definitely gone through a number of transitions, not just in character but in looks. When asked by Harper’s Bazaar about what beauty advice she could pass on, she mentioned the importance of having a light hand. Along the way, she learned that it is important to try to look like the best version of one’s self, as opposed to trying to change it. The most important thing about beauty is making sure that it is real and that you are not wearing a mask. Being on the spotlight for majority of her life, Victoria has insisted that she did not have any regrets. The process made her who she is today. Everything was part of the journey and that it was her evolution.

Current Lifestyle

Victoria lives with husband David Beckham in Holland Park, London. The couple purchased a £31million home where they spent an additional £8million for renovations. The abode has a huge kitchen with hardwood flooring and dark cabinets. There are also marble worktops and pans hanging on top of the center island. The home also has its own fully-equipped gym. The couple also has a second home in Costwolds where they usually spend their holidays and parties. The property has stunning interiors equipped with log-burning fires, exposed brick walls, gardens with pools, tennis court, and a sauna. In addition, the couple also owns a £20million five-bedroom home in Miami. The property is equipped with a helipad and a luxury pool.


Victoria Beckham is a world-renowned performer in the 90’s and has successfully transitioned into a well-respected fashion icon. She currently has a net worth of $450 million, and with the continuous success of her fashion label, will surely continue to increase her net worth along the years.

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Snoop Dogg Net Worth




What is Snoop Dogg’s Net Worth?

  • Net Worth: $135 Million
  • Date of Birth: October 20, 1971
  • Gender: Male
  • Income Source: Professional Rapping
  • Nationality: America


Snoop dogg is a world-renowned American rapper. He is also a singer, songwriter, record producer and actor. He rose to fame with his highly successful debut album Doggystyle. Snoop dogg’s current net worth is $35 million. He married Shante Taylor in 1997 and they then divorced in 2004. The two remarried again in 2008. They couple have four children Cori, Cordell, Julian Corrie, and Corde.

Early Life

Snoop Dogg was born as Calvin Cordozar Broadus Jr. on the 20th of October 1971 in Long Beach, California to parents Vernall Varnado and Beverly Broadus. Vernall left when Calvin was just three months old and so he was given the surname of his step-father instead. He doesn’t have any connection to his father. As a kid, Calvin was called Snoopy since the Peanuts character was his favorite. Snoop dogg has one older and one younger brother. In 1975, their parents divorced. Snoop Dogg started singing at a very young age at the Golgotha Trinity Baptist Church. He would also play the piano and then started rapping when he reached sixth grade.

Snoop Dogg is no stranger to hard life. When he was a child, he would sell candy, deliver newspapers, and bagged groceries to help support his family. He was a dedicated student and was also a frequent churchgoer. He would always rap in his school, sometimes drawing a big crowd almost to the point that the principal would think that there was a fight going. These were important years in his life because he started realizing his talent. However, Snoop Dogg has had many street troubles when he was a teen-ager, being a member of the Rollin’ 20s Crips gang. Upon graduating from high school, he had allegedly already experienced arrests due to possession of cocaine.


Snoop Dogg started his music career recording tapes with his cousins. They formed the group 213. One of the mixtapes that he made reached Dr. Dre and Snoop dogg got invited to audition. His career with Dr. Dre started in 1992. He started being featured in Dr. Dre’s albums such as Deep Cover and The Chronic. Snoop dogg’s debut album came in 1993 and was entitled Doggystyle which debuted at number one in the Billboard 200 and Billboard Top R&B/Hip-Hop Albums. He sold almost one million copies in the release week. The album was awarded a quadruple platinum in 1994. In 1996, he released the second album entitled Tha Doggfather which also debuted as no. 1 in the charts and was certified double platinum in 1997. He released other albums which also featured his exploration of different kinds and expressions of his music. Snoop dogg has already sold about 23 million albums just in the United States and about 35 million albums globally.

Career Highlights

Snoop dogg has won a total of 27 awards and 96 nominations. He won an American Music award for Favorite Rap/ Hip-Hop Artist in 1995 and a BET award in Best Collaboration for the song Beautiful in 2003. He also won four Billboard Awards, an APRA Music Award, two AVN Awards, an International Dance Music Award, a MOBO award, an MTV Movie Award, two MTV awards, two MTV Australia awards, an MTV Europe Music Award, a Rolling Stone award, two Soul Train Music awards, five Source Awards, and an Urban Fashion Award. He was also nominated for the Grammy awards for seventeen times. He was also given a star in the Hollywood Walk of Fame in 2018.

Snoop Dogg Quotes

“You might not have a car or a big gold chain, stay true to yourself and things will change.” – Snoop Dogg

“It ain’t no fun if the homies can’t have none.” – Snoop Dogg

“Sometimes, if you’re lucky, someone comes into your life who’ll take up a place in your heart that no one else can fill, someone who’s tighter than a twin, more with you than your own shadow, who gets deeper under your skin than your own blood and bones.” – Snoop Dogg

“The more medicated, the more dedicated.” – Snoop Dogg

“Be your own leader, be your own self, step out of my shadows and be your own person.” – Snoop Dogg

“A lot of people like to fool you and say that you’re not smart if you never went to college, but common sense rules over everything. That’s what I learned from selling crack.” – Snoop Dogg

“With so much drama in the L-B-C, It’s kinda hard bein Snoop D-O-double-G.” – Snoop Dogg

“Sometimes a loss is the best thing that can happen. It teaches you what you should have done next time.” – Snoop Dogg

“U don’t know where u goin unless u know where u come from.” – Snoop Dogg

“When I’m not longer rapping, I want to open up an ice cream parlor and call myself Scoop Dogg.” – Snoop Dogg


Snoop Dogg Life Lessons

Snoop dogg, with his more than four decades of existence, has some valuable lessons to share. The important lesson that he has been holding on to is the importance of finding peace within oneself. As he mentioned, “once you find peace within yourself, the energy that you get usually is reflected and people get that energy off of you. And that’s what I’ve been able to find from being on the negative energy side as a young artist, to a grown man that projects positive and peaceful music”. Also, Snoop has learned to deal with hate especially in dealing with backlashes and bashing of people. He mentioned that it is necessary to have limitations and know until when you would allow people to take you out and frame who you are.


Current Lifestyle

Snoop dogg has an impressive car collection. He owns a Polaris Slingshot “The Batman” which costs $26, 199. He also has a Chrysler 300C, a Cadillac Snoop Deville Lowrider, a 1967 Cadillac Deville “Brown Sugar”, a 1968 Cadillac Coupe Deville, a 1968 Buick Riviera, a 1966 Pontiac Parisienne “Lakers edition”, a 2011 Ford Mustang GT “Funkmaster Flex Edition”, Dodge Challenger SRT8, Rowland Heights School bus, a 1967 Pontiac Parisienne Convertible, a Rolls-Royce Ghost, and a Tesla Model X. Snoop has a special hobby of customizing his cars so most of his cars are painted with different images.



Snoop dogg is among the most famous and richest rappers in America. His music career was established by his chart-topping albums. He has indeed come a long way since he was discovered by Dr. Dre.

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